Reviews by Kendra

Hey fellow bookworms! And everyone else!

I have decided to keep my reviews in one place that is easy to find for anyone who wants to see what I have reviewed.

Also, if you’d like my opinion on a book, let me know and I’ll add it to my review list. I love getting recommendations! Or contact me for a review request.


Archer, Kira.
— Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely
Arno, Vina.
— In His Corner


Babin, SE (et al).
— It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Chick Lit (Anthology)
Ballance, Sarah.
— The 48-Hour Hookup
Bardan, Amber.
— Caught for the Holidays
— Didn’t I Warn You
— Didn’t You Promise
Don’t Lie to Me
— For Her Protection
— King’s Captive
His Temptation
Baxter, Rhoda.
— Please Release Me
Bennett, Natalie.
— Mercy
— Mercy, Unbound, Released
Berry, Lucinda.
— Missing Parts
Betts, Amelia.
Bivald, Katarina.
— Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend
Blevins, Savannah.
— Confessions of a Nerdoholic
Brent, Amy.
— Filthy Doctor
Briggs, Laura.
— Boyfriend by the Book
Brux, Boone.
Properly Groomed


Carlyon, C.J.
— The Cherry House
Casey, Elle.
— Wrong Number, Right Guy
Clarke, Marissa.
— Dear Jane
Clay, Amanda J.
— Lies in the Darkness
Colgan, Jenny.
— The Bookshop on the Corner
Combs, D.K.
— The Bet
Cross, Cassie.
— Dirty Little Lies
Dirty Little Secrets


d’Abo, Christine.
— 30 Days
— 30 Nights
— Submissive Seductions
Dade, Olivia.
Broken Resolutions
Dallen, Maggie.
— The Accidental Boyfriend
Dessen, Sarah.
Saint Anything
Delaney, J.P.
— The Girl Before
Diaz, Alexandra.
— When We Were
Douglas, Penelope.
— Falling Away
Doxer, Debra.
— Like Candy
— Sweet Liar
Drew, Ashley.
— Never Stop Falling
Drewry, Laura.
— How Forever Feels
Dukey, Ker.
— Pretty Stolen Dolls
Pretty Lost Dolls


Eadon, Kelly.
— The Wedding Date
Crossing the Friend Zone


Ferrell, Charity.
— Pop Rock
Flynn, Laurie Elizabeth.
— Firsts
Fox, Cathryn.
— Betting On the Wrong Brother
Fox, Jessa.
The Virgin Auction
Fox, Sarah.
— Death In A Major


Hatler, Susan.
— Treasured Dreams
Hemmer, Emily.
Wynn In Doubt
Hogan, Mary
— The Woman in the Photo
Holland, Jane.
— Lock the Door
Hoover, Colleen.
— Too Late
— It Ends With Us
Hopkins, Ellen.
— The You I’ve Never Known
— Traffick
Howell, Sloane.
— The Matriarch


Jamison, Sugar.
— Betting The Bad Boy
Johnson, Missy.
— Resist
Jones, Carys.
— Wrong Number
Jones, Lisa Renee.
— Escaping Reality


Karlik, Mary.
— Hickville Confessions
Kraemer, Bree.
— Only With Trust


Lark, Jane.
Free Me
Lawson, Piper.
— Play
LeCoeur, Amy.
— Seducing Sarah
Lee, Laura.
Deal Breakers
Lennon, Christine.
— The Drifter
Lopez, Bethany.
— Always Room for Cupcakes
— Cupcake Overload
Lynne, Calista.
— We Awaken


Macmillan, Gilly.
— The Perfect Girl
Martens, Dawn.
— Twisted Up In You
Mason, Debbie.
— Kiss Me In Christmas
— Happy Ever After in Christmas
— Mistletoe Christmas
— Christmas with an Angel
— Starlight Bridge
McDowell, Blair.
— Where Lemons Bloom
Mejia, Mindy.
— Everything You Want Me to Be
Meyer, Sophie.
— Where’s The Groom?


Never, M.
— Owned
Noblin, Annie England.
— Just Fine With Caroline


Particka, Julie.
— Playing the Perfect Boyfriend
Pockett, N.K.
— Marriage by Law
Presley, Debra.
— Christmas With Us
Psak, Courtney.
— Thirty Days to Thirty


Quinn, Michelle Jo.
— Confessions of a Wedding Planner


Rains, Annie.
— Welcome Home, Cowboy
— Welcome To Forever
Welcome Home for Christmas
— Forbidden Kisses
Raines, Nona.
— Write To Me
Renee, Holly.
— Letting Go
Rimmer, Kelly.
The Secret Daughter
Robert, Katee.
Forbidden Kisses
Ronay, Fern.
— Better in the Morning
Ryan, Shari J.


Scheerger, Sarah.
— Are You Still There?
Seeber, Claire.
— The Stepmother
Slade, Toshia.
— Love Crushed
Silks, Lacey.
— Cheaters Anonymous
Smeltzer, Michalea.
— Last To Know
Squire, Kate J.
— 30 Lays in 30 Days
— 32 Days Later
Stoffle, Eric.
— Trading Lives
Stuart, Amy.
— Still Mine
Summers, Willow.
— Now, Please
— Yes, Please


Thurmeier, Heather.
— The Hometown Hoax
Todd, E.L.
— Into the Fire
— Charge
Trace, Piper.
— Come When Called


Walker, Shiloh.
— One of the Guys
Walter, Rachel.
— A Message of Flowers
Watson, Margaret.
— Protect Me
Webster, K.
— Schooled by a Senior
— Whispers and the Roars
— Text 2 Lovers
Wilde, Lori.
— I’ll Be Home For Christmas
A Wedding for Christmas
Wiles, Pauline
— Sweet Pursuits
Winslow, Vivian.
— Forbidden Rose
Uncovering Camila


Young, Heather.
— The Lost Girls


Zokan, Jeannie.
— The Existence of Pity


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